Producers Vision

GARDENS OF WAR is based on a true story from my 40 years making films in remote, exotic worlds not unlike the one we have fabricated with this action drama. With the people of Vanuatu we will create a unique tapestry of 1980s ethnography, clothes and music for both the tribe and the film crew.

The mysterious disappearance of an explorer in the remote mountains at 3,000 meters is the perfect puzzle to solve while presenting both the tribal story and a love story. I went in search of the perfect team to develop it with me. Partnering with my long term collaborator Bill Mulham, and Vanuatu expat for over ten years, was the first step forward.

We brought writer Reg Cribb to Vanuatu to see first-hand where it will be set and meet some of the locals involved. Together we met government officials to present our case as well as interested investors for development support.

Our budget has been developed with a production cost just under $6 Million AUD

This is based on filming over 40 days, with 30 days of preproduction, entirely in and around Port Vila.

We are currently in talks with Tess Haubrich, Ryan Corr and Jake Ryan for the main leads. Bill Mulham and his team in Vanuatu will search out the best Melanesian cast and support crew from across the 83 islands of Vanuatu.

Jo-Anne Brechin has already directed two feature films and teamed up with myself and Reg Cribb to bring the most recent script to life, adding a woman’s perspective.

Jo-Anne is skilled at both writing, and extracting drama from talented actors as well as amateurs. Together with Jack Shepard as her Director of Photography, and one of the world’s best stuntmen handling the fighting and bridge stunts, Jo- Anne will be more than comfortable at the helm.

She will work with our cast to tell Bunnie’s story full of bravery, passion and compassion. Our list of supporting actors has been chosen for their experience, but also because they will enjoy embedding with us in Vanuatu, binding with the local people to help make GARDENS OF WAR an historic event, for both Vanuatu and the international film world.