In 1982 a diary is found, opening new interest into the mysterious death of Chris Blackwell, a Geologist who disappeared whilst living with a remote Melanesian highlands tribe in the 1950’s. His daughter, an Australian TV producer, Bunnie Blackwell, decides to make a documentary film from that diary 

Bunnie hires American Jay Peterson to direct it. Jay has extensive experience and a reputation for his work in remote tribal areas, but Bunnie knows she needs more than just a well-known director. She also needs a celebrity name attached to help raise the money. She persuades her friend and daytime TV personality, George Cousins, to join the expedition to the fictitious Wegan Islands to be her presenter/narrator and 'Marquee Star'.

As filming commences in the remote Yopa Valley where her father was last seen, George Cousins is soon changing from presenting the life of Blackwell to acting the real part. As he does this he falls in love with the beautiful Sanngai, a native Wegan woman.

Jay tries to convince Bunnie that she should get the locals to recreate the rituals and lifestyle from 30 years ago, to make it more than just a documentary. With a little more time and effort they could turn her mysterious search-documentary into a dramatic feature-movie and attract international attention and awards. Perhaps even an Oscar nomination for best foreign language film.

Bunnie’s anxious production manager, Clive, feels that the film will take far too long, be too costly and extremely dangerous. But Jay is persuasive and is soon inspiring the villagers to demonstrate their old rituals, including tribal warfare. In doing so, Jay unwittingly rekindles old vendettas surrounding those warring days gone by. Soon Bunnie is caught between two warring men and two warring tribes.



The Valley turns into a battlefield for the first time in 30 years. Bunnie is horrified and orders the crew to leave the Valley at once before someone gets killed. But Jay insists this is the opportunity of a lifetime and they must not miss this genuine stone age war. Prize winning stuff! She wants to believe him, but the crew members are divided.

Meanwhile, Clive discovers that Blackwell not only found a love of these people, he also found gold! And when Clive's greed for gold and his menacing activities disturbs the Ghost of Chris Blackwell, the Valley becomes haunted and tragedy looms. When the only exit from the Valley is destroyed, they are inescapably involved.

Bunnie discovers that to keep the spirit of Blackwell at bay, another must be sacrificed in its place. With her own life now on the line, she must escape the Valley and get her crew to safety before it’s too late.

But Clive has other plans. He rallies the two warring tribes and incites an all out war, and Bunnie becomes separated from her crew. With Bunnie trapped by Clive, Jay risks his life and returns for her. Now Bunnie and Jay must work together to escape Clive, and unite the Valley before tribal warfare, Blackwells ghost, and Clive’s greed kills them all.

Telling a Ghost Story can be Deadly!