Bill Leimbach

Producer | Writer

Bill has been producing film and television for over 30 years. His last feature film, the critically acclaimed, World War I epic, BENEATH HILL 60, picked up 12 Australian Nominations including Best Film, Best Director and Best Script.

His production of the short comedy Departure Lounge - A Bollywood Affair won the Best Comedy at the AFI Social Shorts Awards.

His most recent film on Australian Artist, Bruce Goold, Under the Lino played to packed houses and is now reaching wider audiences on

Bill attended University in California and Film School in London. He worked with the BBC and the UK Film industry for ten years before moving his production company to Australia in the 1980’s from where he has produced over 25 films for National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, BBC, ABC and SBS.

His company Lucky Country Productions is currently developing projects for both Feature Film and Television. Currently LCP is producing the feature film GARDENS OF WAR for theatrical release as well as for streaming audiences, and RED HOT, an 8 part TV series directed by Rachel Ward, about a woman pursuing an arsonist terrorising her fruit growing valley, driving the valley crazy with 300 fires in four years.

Bill Mulham


As a young Aussie, Bill began his career working on the road with a touring sound company across the USA. He later joined a f i l m c o m p a n y i n Michigan, initially as a sound engineer, but soon learned all aspects of the trade including lighting, cinematography, writing, directing, and producing.

In 1991 Bill moved back to Sydney with his young family to set up Flicks Australia, a highly successful company that’s had an incredible and diverse range of projects. From Advertising to Live Events, Television and Doco Production, Interactive Multi-Media, Government Films at all levels, and literally thousands of Television Commercials.

In 2010, Bill and his amazing wife Romina moved to Vanuatu to set up a new life. Besides a lot of other things, they run an Advertising and Events company out of Port Vila called DMC Vanuatu. So they have the experience, local knowledge and logistical support to manage the Vanuatu end of the film.

Reg Cribb

Co - Writer

Reg has been writing for Film and Television for 20 years. His biggest hits have been Last Train to Freo Directed by Jeremy Sims, and Bran Nue Dae directed by Rachel Perkins & starring Geoffrey Rush released in commercial cinemas nationwide.

His most recent success was Last Cab to Darwin adapted from his own play into a feature film, starring dual Oscar Nominee - Jackie Weaver and Michael Caton. It was nominated for 8 AACTA Awards.

He has since journeyed through Vanuatu with Bill Leimbach and Bill Mulham searching for the perfect locations for GARDENS OF WAR. Then having been on the spot where it will happen, set out to do a new draft of Bill Leimbach’s original script.

He is currently working with Jo-Anne, honing the script and story until it rings perfectly, ready for filming in Vanuatu in 2021.

Ashley Burgess

Co - Producer

Ashley is International Convenor and Head of Special Projects at Griffith Film School . He leads the school’s international coproductions and a range of award winning cross-cultural Filmmaking Bootcamps, which he has run in many countries, including Vanuatu.

While taking film students to Vanuatu over the years, he has worked with film and drama organisations like Wan Smol Bag. Very few people would know more than Ashley about the machinations of filming in Vanuatu. It is proposed that some of Ashley’s advanced students and ex students work in key departments of GARDENS OF WAR, alongside Vanuatu film crew, all under Department Heads from Australian and New Zealand.