The Opportunity

We know the world of drama has moved from cinema houses to streaming services like NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME, APPLE and STAN. But there is also plenty of room for one-off tele-movies packed with 90 minutes of exciting drama! We are creating a uniquely attractive film for any one of these many streaming companies, all hungry for content and anxious for powerful Australian drama. With our distribution partners we will find the best home, domestically and internationally, for GARDENS OF WAR.

Whilst there is the obvious retro appeal of the 1980’s fashion and music, this is not just a nostalgic romp.

This major motion picture is a red hot opportunity to develop something wonderful for Vanuatu. Over the past year we have spent considerable time there introducing people to the project, looking for partners, working with Government and tourism groups to gauge the interest, not only for production, but also for investment.

Port Vila would become our hub of film production, with many months of production activity and a substantial production spend.

We worked closely with the City of Townsville in North Queensland, to develop our $10 million war movie, BENEATH HILL 60, made entirely in that city. They supported us with sponsorships, local and state government participation and local investment into the film.

Today, Townsville and its residents have a film they are proud of, with a legacy that will live on forever. We hope to do the same in Vanuatu, and that this project would lead to the establishment of a film hub in the Pacific.

The Making of BENEATH HILL 60: