Financial Strategy

The 6 Million Dollar Movie and Music by Lime Cordiale will be financed entirely by the private sector.

A Vanuatu Limited company GARDENS OF WAR LTD has been set up and shares will be sold to a select group of investors.

Unlike a lot of complicated feature film investments, GARDENS OF WAR LTD and its investors will retain 100% equity of the film.

At the completion of the film, the investors will receive 100% of the net income from ALL REVENUE STREAMS: Cinema, Streaming, TV, DVD, Soundtrack Album, Merchandising etc.

Revenue will be disbursed equally among share holders annually, along with full financial reporting.

The advantage in financing the film entirely through private equity is that this avoids the slow and tedious Government funding bodies who can ultimately impose legislative and editorial controls.

And the producers would also have the ability to move quickly to accommodate the COVID situation and the rapidly changing market place.

COVID has translated into production lockdowns across the globe, and in turn created a huge shortfall of new content for an every increasingly hungry marketplace.

GARDENS OF WAR is now well placed to move quickly and capitalise on this demand. With a scheduled arrival date of August 1, 2021 we’ve got a cast and crew, eager to make this major Film and Sound Track Album an International Success.

A GREAT investment for Vanuatu

As an investor in GARDENS OF WAR, you are not only investing in a major feature film, but you are also supporting hundreds of people and businesses in Vanuatu, at a time when the tourism industry has been silenced and people are desperate.

And not just desperate for income, but desperate to be more productive and to be proud of what they are doing. The film will employ many people in the transport and accommodation sectors, caterers, carpenters and local artisans to create authentic tribal sets, props and wardrobe.

Plus there will be featured actors required, extras, stunt performers and technicians, working with their Australian counterparts at a level that they’ve never before achieved. Plus working with the Griffith University students who are there to mentor and share.

It sets the stage for further development in the entertainment and arts sectors and a new generation of film makers.

We invite you to read the Investment Information Memorandum which outlines the complete investment package as well as the latest budget and production schedule.

Click on the links below to hear from some of the people who would directly benefit from this film: