Filming in VANUATU

The story of GARDENS OF WAR is set amongst a fictitious Melanesian tribal group, 3,000 meters above sea level, in a fictitious Melanesian Island nation called the Wegan Island.

After months of searching for the right location for the production, we decided on Efate, the main island of Vanuatu. Not only can we create that tropical mountainous atmosphere, but Port Vila, the capital, has access to all the film making materials and personnel we would need.

As you can see from the news and video clips on the weblink there is a buzz on the island which has resulted in local regulation support as well as financial investment from the international private sector

Vanuatu is the Jewel of the Pacific. The independent nation of 83 islands, offers great locations, a co-operative Government and friendly efficient workers, as well as a large pool of experienced locally based actors and extras.

It will be a wonderful working experience for all the cast and crew coming from Australia and New Zealand. As well as a great opportunity for local technicians and artisans to learn from some of the best, and in turn elevate the local standards.

Port Vila is only a short flight from Australia and New Zealand with a great range of long term accommodation to chose from.

Vanuatu is also steeped in rich culture, with more than 200 dialects spoken, meaning people on one side of an island can’t speak to those on the other side. This makes for incredible cultural diversity in such a relatively small place.

It’s also currently COVID FREE which puts the production in a unique position to jump the tourism cue for general re-opening, and with the help of DFAT and the Vanuatu Government, we can set up special travel arrangements and protocols to get the film rolling sooner.