Principal Cast

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Bunnie Blackell

35 - TV Producer

Australian TV producer, Bunnie, finds the lost diary of her father, Chris Blackwell , whomysteriously disappeared in the Melanesian Highlands while searching for gold in the 1950’s. Bunnie puts her house on the line and raises the money to hire a crew with a reputation in remote filmmaking to solve the mystery of her father’s disappearance. But everything unravels when her feuding crew disturb the spirits of the Valley.

Jay Peterson

38 - Doco Director

The renowned American documentary director does not sign on to Bunnie's film for yet another tribal experience. He’s had plenty of that. Rather he’s a divorcee who needs the dough. And Bunnie needs his expertise. But Jay would rather be following his dream of making a big screen movie, and he has a plan to do just that.



35 - Wegan Guide

A native Wegan from the Yopa Valley, Benjamin Natua was the first of his generation to travel out of the Valley, to the capital, for schooling. He now returns to his village as the guide for Bunnie's film crew. It’s his first time home since his marriage ceremony ten years ago. Now he must juggle his duty to the film crew and his father, Wahme. But will he get lost between two cultures?

Clive Kelly

40 - Production Executive

He’s the reason Bunnie lost her job, and now the studio insists he accompany her as production manager on this rigorous location film shoot. He's very hands-on, but unfortunately can't keep them off Bunnie. And when he discovers gold in Yopa, his greed causes a major incident that brings the Valley back into its first war in 30 years.


30 - Chief of the Yopa Tribe

Unlike his brother Benjamin, Wyak has rarely left the Valley. And now after 10 years being away, Benjamin has retuned from the capitol with Bunnie's film crew. As the chief of the Yopa tribe and a fierce warrior, Weyak forms an alliance with the mad Clive when the film crew and the Valley are at each other’s throats.

George Cousins

45 - TV Celebrity

George is the much loved host of the daytime talk show Cousins and Friends, who agrees to help Bunnie by presenting and narrating her new film. Between trying to remember his lines, and trying to stay alive, George discovers himself in the Valley, and ultimately finds love in the most unexpected place.

Quinn McGuinn

35 - Sound Recordist

Irish Sound Recordist, Quinn, has worked on many location documentaries and most often with Richard and Jay. He is a jokester and is always up for a laugh. He is especially cheery on this assignment when he finds a comical love of the Pidgin language. But this pastime soon becomes a very real necessity when all hell breaks loose and he finds himself in the middle of the battlefield with nothing but his microphone

Richard Taylor

35 - Cameraman

Richard is not Irish, he’s American, but he and Quinn have formed an intimate working relationship, finishing each other’s thoughts. They are Jay’s go-to guys, and the perfect crew to help Bunnie get the film she wants. No one is better with 16mm in remote locations than Richard, but he’s never seen anything like this, as he is sadly caught up in the havoc Clive is about to wreak.


35 - Leader of the Kamba People

The Kamba people are the second tribe in the Valley and Ari is their leader. He wants Bunnie’s crew to film more with the Kamba side of the Valley, and not only on the Yopa side. When he sees the Yopa tribe dressing and pressing their indigenous ways he becomes jealous. Ari’s envy is enough to ignite a rage. When combined with an asinine moment from Clive it develops into the first tribal war in 30 years.


30 - Sister of Benjamin & Weyak

Sanngai is Benjamin and Weyak's widowed sister. Bunnie loves her image and films with her whenever they need to portray the woman Chris Blackwell fell in love with before he disappeared. Her eight-year-old son loves George, and the three grow close as the weeks pass. And when Chris Blackwell’s marriage scene is recreated for the film, with George and Sanngai in the starring roles, the lines between performance and reality become blurred. Soon, the Ghost of the prospector is not his only obsession.

Chris Blackwell

30 Years Dead - Bunnie’s Father

Blackwell was the first white man to reach this notorious Yopa Valley back in 1952 but he disappeared mysteriously. His schooling in mining exploration never taught him what to expect once 'on the job’ in the wilds of the mountainous Wegan Highlands. He loved the valley and fell in love with a local woman, but may have also discovered untold riches. Bunnie wants to unveil the mystery of his time there and why his death is so intertwined with their tribal war. But telling a ghost story can be deadly